Now Also Navigating New England!


Q: What are the benefits of working with a NYC-based Destination Service Provider?

A: We know the local markets and their communities. We are well-connected and have relationships with vetted brokers and other affiliated services.

Q: Do you have different service levels to meet my budget?

A: We offer flexible, customized services to meet your / your organization’s budget and objectives. Unbundled options are available from higher touch to lower touch.

Q: What makes your team different?

A: Our Client Services Specialists have relocated internationally and speak multiple languages. They are dedicated, passionate and accomplished expats. Our Specialists know firsthand what it feels like to relocate and assimilate to a new community. We also have dedicated Education Experts on our team.

Q: Why choose NYC Navigator?

A: We are committed to service excellence before, during and after your move. We are proud to have won several awards for services exceeding expectations. We foster connections through our exclusive “Compass Club” social networking events that help our clients assimilate into their new community.

Q: How are you treating my private information?

A: We protect our client’s information and ensure data privacy. We are GDPR compliant.

Q: What if an employee is paying out of pocket?

A: We offer cost saving programs to meet limited or lump sum budgets and self pay options.

Q: Do you work with employees relocating within the US?

A: We work with employees relocating internationally and domestically.


A: We have dedicated schooling experts that can provide Educational Services to meet your schooling objectives. We offer appropriate schooling options integrating Educational Services with Settling-In assistance.

Q: How do you give back to the community?

A: We are passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability within our organization, and also in our communities and with our valued clients. 

Q: How do we get in touch with you?

A: A member of our team will schedule a consultative call with you after completing the contact us form.


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“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to direct us and provide instruction on the next few steps I must take to settle into CT. When I met you I wanted to tell you I could very well do these things myself, but I must admit, I got lost in your hospitality and sometimes it is just nice to get an unexpected hand.”

Relocating Employee: Multinational Media and Information Firm