Now Also Navigating New England!

NYC Navigator is excited to kick off its partnership with Diáfano, a language learning hub based out of New York City. Diáfano supports language programs for companies, schools, and individuals who want to create meaningful change through language. Here are the programs available:

Impactful Language Programs for Organizations — Diáfano creates cohort-style live language classes with the option to have the company fund them or the employees pay for it themselves. Companies choose these programs as part of their DEIA strategy, as a way to build company culture, to add a competitive advantage to their benefits package, to bond with clients on a new level or tap into foreign markets, to support limited English proficient employees, and to provide the right professional development opportunities to staff. Most programs are available online, with some available in-person for the New York City area. Over 20 languages available.

Private Language Lessons — Interested in learning a language under the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher? Diáfano will create the language program that’s the right fit for you based on your schedule, your needs, your lifestyle or your goals. Whether you want to learn for work or leisure, 1:1 instruction

Language Programs for Schools — For schools that are just getting started on their language programming, that lack one altogether, or that want to expand their current offerings, Diáfano can take the burden off creating language programs, and do it all for you.

Kids’ Language Classes — 1:1 study for kids ages 4+, as well as “Mommy + Me” classes. Sibling discounts offered.

Pre-recorded Video Program —  An affordable way to learn a language for those always on the go. Available in beginners Spanish, Italian, and French, and advanced beginners Italian.

Sponsorship Opportunities — Is your organization looking for the perfect sponsorship opportunity? Diáfano provides opportunities for organizations to fund language programs for inner-city schools or community-focused programs.

Interested in learning more about Diáfano? Feel free to reach out: Mention NYC Navigator to get a special discount!